Hot Mix Asphalt
for Pothole Repairs

The Roadmender is a useful solution for a number of our contractors and local government alike. The Roadmender produces premium quality hot-mix asphalt for pothole repairs and utility reinstatements in all-weather conditions, and is fully operational through the year. You can now make your own durable, long-lasting asphalt hot mix:

  • Directly at the job site, with no waste
  • In just the quantity you need
  • At the correct ONSITE temperature for ideal compaction at every time
  • Without the need to visit an asphalt plant

The machine produces up to 200kg’s per 10 minute cycle and break-out on site or planning can be reheated in the Roadmender for use as binder course. For more information or a demonstration please call one of our technical civil team in Tipperary or Dublin.

Hot-Mix Asphalt for Pothole Repairs
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