Concrete & Tarmac

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is a finish that is becoming increasing sought after by many Designers/Landscape Architects. It has robust and ascetically appealing qualities which is a large plus for its incorporation to landscape design. We are strongly focusing on this specialised element of work and have developed teams that work specifically in this area.

Premier Paving - Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete is an area of work we are excited about and look forward to it being combined into many future landscape designs with Premier Paving being at forefront of supply and install, offering a nationwide service.

Asphlat Roadmender

The Roadmender is a useful solution for a number of our contractors and local government alike. The Roadmender produces premium quality hot-mix asphalt for pothole repairs and utility reinstatements in all-weather conditions, and is fully operational through the year.

Premier Paving - Roadmender

You can now make your own durable, long-lasting asphalt hot mix directly at the job site, with no waste in just the quantity you need at the correct ONSITE temperature for ideal compaction at every time without the need to visit an asphalt plant.